1. Gorgeous Mess

From the recording All Directions


one night in the darkness at the plaza hotel
she confessed the love she could never tell
in the moment, a culminated desire
a kiss of water in a burning fire
and i know i shouldn't, but i can't hold back
i know i shouldn't let it take this track
attracted to a gorgeous mess

one slip of control, brazen and bold
now i can't forget what i cannot own
every morning, every night its the same
holding on giving breath to a tiny flame

you can try to cover up
you can try to play it off
you can choose to lock it up
but soon it finds a new way out

one week since we spoke
you sink what you float,
you speak but you choke
with a message dry and cold
say you’re sorry, say it never can be
say it’s best just left as a memory

she can make you hurt, she can make you sting
she can make you love, she can make you sing

then i see you, you come back
changing up your tune
like it wasn't ever anything
like it wasn't ever true
then i see you, you’re crying
you’re so hard to understand
you keep leading me ‘round in circles
and changing all your plans