From the recording All Directions


it was a summer night and i was sleeping
the moon was out, my head was beaming
i looked at my dreams like they were gold
amazing feelings draw within me
all my conflicts slip beneath me
like the spirit of a song
or like the feeling of a lover in your arms

but ever since that night and after
the dreams i had i can't recapture
and it brings me down so low
the more i search the less i find
the more i look the more i'm blind
like a melody so young
hanging on the tip of the tongue

if i wait long enough now
will you come to me
will you come to me
so far away, but right beside me
will you come to me
will you follow me home

when we first met we were so young
we played out past the setting sun
in a world of make believe
wooden forts and magic beans
silly thoughts and silly dreams
how we said we'd never change
but somehow life got in the way

but way back then and even now
i still love you i don't know how
you got magic in your eyes
and underneath our conversation
in our thoughts our contemplations
there's a feeling left unsung
hanging on the tip of the tongue