From the recording All Directions


i lay in bed in the dark of the night
your legs wrapped around me and tight
i see you in your head calling for me
i see you in the light calm and lonely
i want to touch you, but i can't get enough
you come to me like a goddess above
you put your lips to the wine in the glass
and move your hips to the song in the background
your hair falls over your grin
fingers walking up to my chin

i could never leave you
i could never leave you
i could never leave you now
there's nothing better than your love

summer night and we walk down the street
down the path to the sand of the beach
our feet step to the curve of the tide line
eyes raised to the glow of the moonlight
curious looks... around you a glow
that permeates you out from your soul
you show me a dance
that you learned in the ballet
and take me back to your past in a story
your hair shines in from the light
i pull you into me tight

five o'clock on a train to a show
six stops before we can go
you catch me looking at a girl in the aisle
you let go of my hand and you smile
darting looks and suspicions arise
you search for the truth in my eyes
we go back and forth in a quarrel
the train stops we arrive at the forum
i reach out for your hand
but you won't understand

in the sheets of the moonlight
in the dark of my room
in the sail of the sunrise
i come back to you
in the train we are boarding
to the steps of our shoes
to the moment of leaving
i come back to you