1. Mountain Song

From the recording Cole Pond


In the shelter of your evergreens.
In the trickle of your streams.
The cold water of your canyons, warming up in the mid afternoon.

I'm un-filtering your answers, taking in every breath
I set aside all my judgement, and you rushed in like an old patient friend. I come and go, but you always stay the same.

In the wildness of your nights, in the thunder of your clouds. To burn it all in a field of fire, or rain down in a cold windy storm.

In every corner I see you smiling. Where I never looked before. On the tips of my fingers, in the water as it drops into pools. I come and go but you always stay the same

So when I climb up to your ledge again and give my hand we'll you take me in.
And when the cold of night burns my skin, will you lead me to the place within to warm my body.