1. Brand New Song

From the recording Chroma


I've looked all around, every corner, every corner
And it all comes back to one, the thing that I knew right from the start
And I know, I started a problem without a cause

It's laughable pain, like a sermon, like a sermon, In my head but not in my life and I reap just what I sew, and I know

How many people have told me so
and that's just it

Break out the champagne glasses, the band with brasses, put it in a brand new song, let first be last and forget this past
I just wanna dream it all away , I just wanna dream it all away
But then I wake, I can't escape

I want to love you, I want to leave you
That's the snag you got me in
I want to leave you, I want to need you
Thats the snag you got me in

Oh send me along, down the river, but up the mountain.
Where the morning sparrow calls
And he sings an unimpeded song
In the break of the early dawn