1. Our Love

From the recording Chroma


It took a while, but now we're here alone
We found each other and it feels like home
Nature's subtle rhythm was far ahead of drum
But now together the beat is one.

Mountains of blessings and rivers of love, flow in spirit, fly in like doves. Pittering Patterns in the depth of our sky, free to rest and free to fly

Our love is in everything, vast and wide, deep in your eye
Where the silence speaks from the highest peaks to the deepest oceans of the earth, our love, our love

Is bright in the strength of two, cutting through the darkness in the strength of two, falling on all the beautiful steps of our song, we see our battle is already won.

Lovers and dreamers from the same soul, imaginations strong and bold. Weaving a quilt of a wondrous life in the home of God in a room of light,